Improved Mobility, Flexibility, Strength & Vitality

It’s important to move to improve mobility, flexibility and strength and it’s great for your mood too. But it’s vital to know the kind of movement that will give you the results you desire without doing any harm. Functional movement aims to train the body in such a way as to enable it to perform the actions of your daily life comfortably and easily.

Our qualified trainers will develop a program designed specifically for your individual circumstances and desired results. They will ensure that you are moving in a safe and effective manner and most of all that you are having FUN, because we know that when you enjoy yourself, you are far more likely to continue your program.

We offer a range of FUNctional Movement and Pilates Classes & Personal Training Sessions:

Transformations Wellness offers a range of Pilates and FUNctional Movement Classes and Personal training (Private/DUO/Small Group) from our Tyabb studio.  Wellness Embracers from Hastings, Balnarring, Somerville, Mornington, Mt Eliza, Baxter and even Seaford and Langwarrin travel to take advantage of our Pilates and FUNctional Movement Training and small group Class sizes at our Tyabb Wellness Studio.

Our Range of FUNctional Movement & Pilates Classes:

Pilates & FUNctional Movement Training
Private Pure Pilates or Private FUNctional Movement Personal training session designed for your specific needs, goals and preferences.

Duo Pilates & FUNctional Movement Training
Duo Training session designed for your specific needs and preferences (2 participants per session).

Small Group Training
Designed for groups of 3-4 friends or family and structured with your group’s needs in mind

Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning. This unique training tool utilises Loaded Movement Training combining task-orientated movement patterns with resistance training to develop agility & strength.

FUNctional Circuit
FUNctional Circuit provides a balanced workout combining many different types of training based around everyday movement patterns and designed to keep you moving well for many years to come. The fact that this class is also an absolute riot and the majority of your core workout will come from belly laughs is just a bonus!

Barre Attack
Barre Attack is a fabulous fusion of Pilates, Dance & Fitness. An all over body workout which helps to firm & tone legs, arms, tummy and butt along with improving posture, flexibility & balance. You will know you’ve worked in this class and have fun doing it!

Mat Pilates
Mat Pilates is a gentle, yet effective way to improve core strength and stability, flexibility, mobility and posture. Pilates is a practice that promises continued improvement as you learn to perform the movements with flow and grace.

What is Pilates?

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The team at Transformations Wellness are passionate about helping those living with chronic pain, illness and injury.

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