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When your body is nourished correctly (and you are moving well) you will gradually change your body composition. This means you will have a healthy amount of bone, muscle and body fat. Body weight is an inaccurate measure of health as each component weighs a different amount for the same volume. Most of us are far more concerned about our size, and yet we are constantly focused on our weight. Increasing muscle and bone density and losing body fat can easily mean we stay the same weight, but take up a lot less space! Most preferable, don’t you think?

バターと卵cheese on a wooden tableIncrease Energy Levels
Good quality food gives you a fabulous amount of energy and satisfies your hunger, allowing you to focus on your daily activities without thinking too much about your next meal (unlike many diets!).


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Our bodies are certainly finely tuned, and require a good balance of many nutrients. So it stands to reason that when we feed ourselves well, many of our systems will begin to behave the way they were designed to. This results in an overall improvement in our health and wellness.

fruit and vegetables on the basketEnjoy Food
Over the years, many of us have tried so many different diets and programs that we have developed a fairly unhealthy relationship with food. Almost a love-hate relationship! At Transformations Wellness Studio, we want you to learn to enjoy food and to understand that food should not only nourish you, but also be a delight to the senses!