If you’ve ever felt nervous or scared to walk into a gym because of your body shape or disability, then we are right for you. If you’ve ever felt like you wouldn’t fit in at a training studio, then we are right for you.

Transformations Wellness has a new approach to wellness. It is highly personalised and we understand that your wellness comprises many facets. We aim to support and nurture you through the duration of your wellness journey. Your illnesses, injuries and discomfort are all welcome here! Wellness is NOT about deprivation and sacrifice, it is about learning what works for you and helping you find the strategies to implement what you learn. We want you to feel encouraged and empowered to take a step towards positive improvement in your health and wellbeing.

We want to nurture, educate and support you to learn more about your condition and will liaise with other health professionals to create a program that builds strength and confidence.

Transformations Wellness will provide you with the knowledge and tools to make the right choices at a pace that suits your body and circumstances. We want you to eat real food, move well and live an enjoyable life.

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